About us

We make desktop stands for MIDI devices, DJ controllers and Synths. Native instruments, Maschine, Ableton, Roland, Akai, Arturia, Analog, Novation, Roland Boutique Series, Steinberg, etc…

The main goal is to develop and manufacture high quality table stands with the following features:

• Easy installation without glueing,screws or any tools. • Stable feel, no sliping, free of wobbling.

• Easy handle the stand and your device together as a cohesive system without worrying about falling apart when moving.

• The system don’t take up more space sideways like the device own.

• Really lightweight and strong enough.

• No middle rods or any stabilizers.

• Portable so you can bring it to your live gig easily.

These are the considerations I keep in mind when design and making stands. All products are made with 3D printing, followed by some post-processing: deburring, sanding, surface cleaning